Paint Correction Services in Arlington, Texas

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing swirls and scratches in auto paint surfaces using a variety of compounds and polishes. With paint correction services from Arlington Mobile Car Detailing you will get back the original shine and luster that your car had when you first bought it. 


Swirl Marks

Paint correction gets rid of swirl marks and other minor surface imperfections in your vehicles’ paint. 


Faded Paint

Discoloration caused from sun damage and weathering. 


Scratch Repair

Removing scatches of varying depth in the paint before clear coats and polish is applied

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Paint Correction Packages

There are several levels of paint correction services that we offer with varying levels of results. High end paint correction services can easily cost more than $2000.  At Arlington Mobile Car Detailing we want to make paint correction affordable and accessible to everyone who wants to take great care of their car and not break the bank. 

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