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The best clear coat auto paint protection available

Okay, so you’ve seen the infomercials at 2am showing a nice, shiny car with one side treated with some kind of magical substance and one side that’s not treated. The guy on camera throws a bucket of mud and yuck on the nice car and look! One side of the car is filthy but on the other side it looks like nothing happened what’s going on? It shed off the debris like water off a duck’s back. That is a ceramic coating. If you really want to up your shiny car game this is something you should look at. Originally these types of coatings were used for super high-tech applications. We’re talking the oil and gas industry, space, little gadgets that they were shooting at other planets in the solar system. This is the latest and greatest.

What is 9H Ceramic Coating?

Sounds good… but what exactly is it? The exact term for the highest rating commercially available is “9H” ceramic coating. There are a lot of technical terms to describe how it works but the easiest way to understand it is a durable layer that goes over your paint surface that gets scratched up and damaged instead of your car’s paint.

We are talking nanotechnology. Remember Iron Man? Yeah that kind of nanotechnology. Now getting this applied to your vehicle won’t make it grow different parts like Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit but it will make your car way more resistant than a regular wax to ultraviolet rays, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and as we know here in Texas there is a never-ending supply of chips, dust and road construction debris that is waiting to damage your vehicle.

The coating being applied to your vehicle will create a semi permanent bond with whatever surface it touches. Because the ceramics don’t just sit in top of the paint, it bonds to your car on a molecular level. It’s not going anywhere! It’s not going to wash away with your typical cleaning solutions or any abuse it may take from regular cleaning. Waxes and low quality or knock off “ceramics” will break down really quickly. Real ceramic coatings last a very long time. Years, not months.   ​


Protect your vehicle's paint like a pro

hard ceramic coating polymers form a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint on a moleculer level far superior to a wax coat.  


Save your paint from everyday wear

ceramic coating on verhivles are impervious to scratches, water, dust, damaging UV light, swirl marks and automatic car washes. 

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Key Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coatings 

Your ride won’t get super powers but it will be impervious to the everyday damages to your paint surface from things you don’t even think of. For example: how messed up is it that even washing your car causes damage in the form of swirls. Here you are, trying to protect your investment, make it look great, but because your paint isn’t protected you’re actually causing damage at a microscopic level. So what do you do? What most people do, especially if you’re in a hurry: take s spin through the automatic car wash on the way to the office. These wet chemical tubes are one of the worst offenders to true shine connoisseurs everywhere because the harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes in automatic car washes will damage an unprotected surface.

I know what you’re thinking now. “But Tom, what do I do?
I’ll tell you what.
Take advantage of nano-technology and get a ceramic coating applied to your car.
You no have a completely invisible coat of “armor” that, if properly applied, is hydrophobic, resistant to ultraviolet rays scratches chemicals and heat that gives you an unparalleled level of protection you we never able to get with an ordinary wax or knock-off clear coat.

What are the options?

As with anything else you can get the cheapest option or you can pay a little extra and get something that’s going to last.9h ceramic coating being used on cars, as opposed to space shuttles and satellites, is actually nothing new. It’s been available to high-end custom auto detailers for some time but has been out of reach for the average enthusiast. Now, because of advances in technology, it has become more mainstream and therefore widely available and less expensive to the average consumer.

Let’s look at the spectrum of options we alluded to earlier:

Do It Yourself Kits

There are several great do-it-yourself kits on the market with varying levels of effectiveness. Ranging in price from $50 to $200. The biggest thing to look out for when choosing one of these kits are the instructions and support for getting the job done at home. What we mean by that is all the preparation that has to be done before any formula can be applied (which is the most time and labor intensive [read: expensive] part of the whole thing) and the very specific and crucial details of the process.
The exact details of each of those aspects will vary between brands so if you are going to opt for a do-it-yourself kit we recommend reading the reviews and check the reputation of the company that you’re buying it from to avoid any poor quality or bootleg products. There’s a lot of sub-par junk out there; you are going to have to do your research. Don’t forget about the endless supply of YouTube videos and online tutorials.

How easy it is to actually apply? If you were to go down to Walmart or Auto Zone and pick up a do-it-yourself kit if you follow the instructions and watched a couple YouTube videos you probably be okay. But if you want the maximum benefit the prep work that goes into the project will ultimately affect the outcome. it is crucial to make sure there are no blemishes on the vehicle service and all restoration that you want done is done before applying the ceramics. This includes being washed thoroughly and getting out impurities in the paint with the clay bar and buffing

Professional Application Service

From start to finish this will range anywhere from $500 to $2,000. What you are paying for is excruciating attention to detail and a guarantee that the job is done correctly, to the highest possible standards, to deliver the advertised performance of the coating. Hands down, the most important thing to make the finished product something to be proud of is the preparation. Incorporating a clay bar, which removes impurities in the paint surface, condition of the paint, size of the vehicle will have a large effect on how long the process will take. As you can imagine this is different for every vehicle and budget. Some of our clients take the “spare no expense” route which can take all day just for prep while cars that are already in decent shape can take as little as a couple hours to prepare.

What we are paying special attention to is any imperfection in the surface. A ceramic coating will not repair a paint job or fill in scratches. It will lock in like a fossil anything that it covers. Including swirls scratches, flaked off paint, and tiny mosquitoes with dino-DNA.

It is completely up to you where on the spectrum of quality you’d like your project to land. However we do encourage you to reach out to us anytime for a quote so you can relax, trust the pro’s and get the job done right the first time.  

What to expect from a Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle is now hydrophobic. That is a fancy word for being water repellent. Tiny nano-particles of fill in the tiny gaps and cracks and crevices in the paint surface no dust, mud, grime or dirt will get stuck to the vehicle’s paint because it will be unable to bond to the surface because the ceramic coating has bonded to it first. This is what you see in those dramatic videos like the one we borrowed from Business Insider above. The difference before and after is like going from trying to cook scrambled eggs in a regular pan with no oil to using a brand new non-stick pan that you greased up with EVOO. Night and day. Everything just slides off.

Which leads to the second biggest benefit your vehicle will be highly mud and dirt repellent this is where you can really see the difference between a wax and ceramic. Even when no water is involved. Like when you are driving down a dusty road or there is an obscene amount of pollen in the air. Wax is naturally sticky, and gets even stickier when it’s hot. Add some dust and pollen in the air and we have a recipe for disaster. Imagine dumping a bucket of sand onto a shag carpet. That’s a wax coating. Impossible to get all of it out. Now imagine dumping that same bucket of sand on a perfectly smooth sheet of glass. All you’d have to do is let the sand fall off. No problem.

Who wants to spend a bunch of cold hard cash on a slick paint job only to broil in the sun and turn a gross pastel shadow of it’s former lustrous beauty. Not me. Not you. Here in North Texas we are all familiar with the relentless, unforgiving Summer Sun. Couple that with the humidity and you have a perfect combination for oxidation, rust and fading from UV damage. You’ve seen rusted out fenders and cracked bumpers that have been left out in the sun for too long. With your new protective layer of ceramic you will exponentially reduce the damage caused by our friendly, but overzealous, sun.

Like we talked about earlier, there is a big difference between a good wax and ceramic nano-coating. The fourth biggest differentiation is how much more durable the coating is. It doesn’t just cover your paint but it bonds with it on a molecular level so that it can’t be removed by washing, scratching vibrations or being exposed to the sun. You might have to get your car waxed every couple of months but a coating like this will last you anywhere between two to three years!

example of a detailed center console with white leather and wood inlays in Arlington TX

Did You Know?

When it comes to protective clear coats for your car, truck, SUV, or RV there are myriad options of brand, level of protection, warranty length, and price point. Additionally, some of the highest quality ceramic coating products can only be purchased and applied by licensed and certified technicians. Once you’ve found the product that you like online, you should go to there website to find a location locally that’s qualified to apply that product. 

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So we live in the future and it’s like a force field?
No. That would be hyperbolic.
Make no mistake, this is not a magic impenetrable barrier that will turn your car into a dirt repelling tank. If a shopping cart bumps into your car at Walmart it will still ding the surface. It won’t stop a rock chip being flung at you at 80mph, and it does not replace regularly scheduled maintenance. What it does mean is that getting rid of water spots, dirt, road grime and brake dust will be a lot easier because you’re not having dig those things out of the rough, porous paint. You are removing them from the slick, non-stick ceramic coating.

Some things to remember when deciding whether or not you want a ceramic coating:
It is no coincidence that this product shares initials with “Cool, Convenient”. So, yeah.
Because of the rise of in popularity of ceramic coatings and their ever-increasing availability some companies, and even sales people, will make claims that are patently untrue about the benefits and protective abilities of said products.
The most egregious of these claims is that it will make your car completely scratch-proof. This is false. It will 100% resist scratches but “resist” is the important word. Just like your phone is water resistant but not waterproof. If you were to drive through the bushes and have a few sticks and brush rub up against your car it will resist that but because the coatings are so thin and they are not flexible it won’t deflect a rock coming at your car at highway speeds; and if you have any enemies it definitely won’t prevent them from keying your car.

We get it. In this day and age everyone wants a “set it and forget it” type solution they can do once and forget about. Some detailers will make the claim that a ceramic coating is that solution. Not true. Having this service done to your vehicle will reduce the number of times you’ll have to wash your car but it will not eliminate the need for it every now and then. One thing that we see a lot is people forgetting to wax their car every few months to preserve the ceramic coating. In the long run it will save you a lot of time and money by waxing regularly as that is an added layer protection.

The last misconception that is worth mentioning is how much gloss and shine you will get. The ceramic coating itself doesn’t provide the gloss and shine it merely protects it. So if your paint is faded to begin with it will be faded with a protective layer on top of it. The same thing applies for scratches and swirl marks. It won’t fill those in it will lock them in under the coding and make it impossible to repair in the future. We can take care of that for you before we begin the application process. Remember: if you plan on doing this yourself repairing the scratches, correcting the paint and removing swirls are things that must be considered before any ceramic is applied.

So if you want your car to look showroom ready for years to come without having to wash and wax everyday we definitely urge you to check out a ceramic coating option. You will end up saving money in the long-term with a professional application because you will have to wash your car less get it serviced less and not have to worry about every little thing that comes into contact with your car.

When scheduling your appointment be sure to ask how we can properly protect other parts of your vehicles like the rims, bumpers, and headlights. We’ve had clients that have had wonderful results with getting that same kind of protection applied to other areas of their car.

a technician in Dallas texas preparing a cars surface for ceramic coating at our garage 1
The Step by Step Process of Ceramic Coating Application

Whats the process? Okay, down to brass tacks. You’re ready! How much is it and how long does it take? Every vehicle is going to be different so the pricing will be variable depending on the initial condition of the paint, how large the vehicle is and how much work needs to be done to the paint to make it ready to accept the procedure. The price can range anywhere between $500 – $2000. Don’t let that top end price scare you. That would be an extreme case.
After we have scheduled the project and determined how much labor will be required to prepare your vehicle for the process most ceramic coating projects will take between three and five days depending on how many layers of protection you and your technician decide upon. Some of our clients are able to let their vehicles stay with us for a while while others may rent a car but it is not recommended to drive or use your car during the application process.
If you are ready to have your car shining and protected like the day that you bought it give us a call and schedule your appointment today!

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